The Power Of Contextual Learning

Learning a new language
at an unprecedented rate

RedKiwi app brings you an immersive and fun way of
language learning based on a real video.


Educate languages
to connect people

We are trying to break
the communication barrier through language education.


Redkiwi is a mobile app that enhances your ability in listening and speaking foreign languages through various videos such as drama, movie and documentary. We offer programs that enable you to quickly improve your listening and speaking skills in a short period of time through quizzes and shadowing.


language learning app

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The team

Hello! This is us.

Jeungmin Oh

Developer / CEO / Founder

An enthusiast for piano

Daehoon Kim

Developer / Director / Co-Founder

A real problem solver

Umi Oh

Developer / Director / Co-Founder

A multi player

Soyoung Jeong

Developer / Content Manager

Ask her anything about Korean

Dasom Park

Designer / Design Manager

An all-round designer

Junhee Park


An unexpectedly talkative developer

Boyeon Ahn


More active marketer than anyone else

Yamashita Mikiko

Japanese Content Manager

The most diligent Japanese language expert

Jumi Hwang

Chinese Content Manager

A person who can make anyone laugh

Daniel Kim

English Content Manager

A super free spirit English language expert

Minju Lee

Designer / Intern

A creative designer

Jaeyi Hong (Alumni)

Developer / Intern

A beloved programmer

Juhee Soun (Alumni)

Developer / Intern

A brave and energetic programmer

Kyungbin Ryu (Alumni)

Developer / Intern

A potential programmer

Company Introduction

If you want to know us more,


Work with us

Head office:

811-813, D-Space of Daejeon Center for Creative Economy and Innovation, E19 National NanoFab Center, KAIST, Daehak-ro 291, Daejeon, South Korea

대전광역시 유성구 대학로 291 한국과학기술원(KAIST) E19 나노종합기술원 8층 대전창조경제혁신센터 D-Space 811-813호